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Eleckey provides software security that helps to protect your software. When you say hard enough how should enough be interpreted. Document protection and media protection secure the distribution of digital media contents. The term dongle was originally used to refer only to software protection dongles.

Please note, that all fields marked with a star must be filled out. Thank you for choosing doneex xcell compiler also known as excel compiler xcell compiler is excel protection software which provides very easy and hasslefree microsoft excel workbook copy protection. For the mlmlu series the masterkey is only neccessary to unlock a dongle locked by the antihacker lock. Software protection keys, online activation, time dongles. Securemetric software protection dongles offer protection for your intellectual property from piracy that may result in profit loss. Check if the usb port is working by connecting other devices to it. Software protection, software copy protection, software. Usb dongle, software copy protection dongle, media protection. Only users with a valid cryptobox have access to protected documents, graphics, webpages, or multimedia contents. Usb dongles software licensing and file protection systems. Hardware keys for software protection, data protection.

Authguru is an industry standard package for protection. Without the dongle, the application is not complete. Safekey international, inc security dongle emulator services. Ill try again to reinstall the software from the hard drive, and disconnect all other items except the dongle.

This allowed it to work as a dongle to help prevent piracy of protected software. Rockey dongle emulator clone backup service center. Excel workbook protection software excel compiler doneex. Fr1 software dongle protection error dinkeyadd golf. Your application will interact with rockey4 at startup and during runtime, no dongle means no license to execute your software. Usb system properties make sure that the dongle is connected to the. Application protection, exe protection, using usb dongle. This helps content owners to fight against illegal access, unwanted usage and illegal distribution. If it isnt, the dongle may be damaged and you may have to replace it. This is an ideal device for you if you have several nodelocked dongles all scattered throughout your office room. It is in fact a powerful miniature computer, with a cpu, memory and specialized firmware that allows for robust interaction with the application.

Software protection dongle software license dongle. Rockey4nd is advanced software protection system that attaches to the usb port of a computer. Rockey4 is an advanced software protection system that attaches to the parallel or usb port of a computer. Read on and well show you how to emulate a usb dongle key with a software dongle emulator. Disk protection distribute the program on a physical medium, such as a cd and make the cd hard to copy. Use makedongle with other tools to support more license types, an api or wrapping process without programming or combine hardware dongle protection with manual or online software activation. Feitian offers topranking rockey products and services to its valuable customers. I am having a software which runs with usb dongle key based, i like that software i need more dongles i asked that company but they are saying that they have stopped production of that software dongle. Using a hasp key emulator allows you to emulate a usb dongle so multiple users can access it simultaneously. It ensures the software s protection by rendering the software inoperable when a required hardware device is not connected. The protected mp3 and mp4 files are encrypted and runs only when the valid hardware dongle is found connected. Usb software protection dongle for java with an sdk which is crossplatform for real.

Rockey encryption era protects a plethora of statistics and programs, along with media documents, statistics, and software program based on linux, home windows, and mac operating structures. A software protection dongle is a small piece of hardware that connects to a laptop, desktop or server computer. Using a dongle emulator such as donglify offers a legal way to share a device without resorting to cracking the dongle s security illegally. Even software is duplicated, it is lack of core functions being protected in the dongle. Protect audiovideo file and lock on hardware dongle key. Donglify is a software solution to the problem of sharing a usb security dongle over a network connection. When connected to a computer or other electronics, they unlock. Usb software protection dongle for java with an sdk which. What id like to ask is if anybody knows about an hardware usb dongle for software protection which offers a very complete outofthebox api support for crossplatform java deployments. Sicherer softwareschutz matrix software protection system ist ein hardware basiertes kopierschutzsystem. Prevent pirated copies of your application with a dongle and secure your intellectual property and investment. Dinkey profd hardwarebased copy protection and licensing.

A good software license protection dongle must be able to combat this attack with strong encryption and authentication to detect the action, in case the driver has been replaced. Hopefully vhs will update their security dongle driver soon and others wont have issues. Software licensing and protection, usb dongle keylok. Software protection software products in todays world are exposed to alarming rates of piracy and intellectual property theft. A28 the program will not start and the message no dongle attached. Secutechs top of the line unikey dongles offer powerpacked hardware protection solutions for the diverse protection needs of software companies. Brute force attacks one of the very common hacking method is using password guessing attack or we call it brute force attacks. Dinkey profd is a sophisticated system designed to protect your software from illegal copying and enforce the terms of your softwares licence.

Software protection and licensing from wibusystems. Dongle, usb dongle, usb dongle, software key, hardlock, usb software lock, hardware lock, software dongle. Although the software may be duplicated, but it will only run when rochey4nd dongle is attached. The quicklicense application configures license data and stores it in an encrypted ticket file. Build a usb dongle for software protection c programming. The unikey range provide solutions that range from compliant software licensing to flexible and versatile licensing schemes that remove bottlenecks in the distribution of software. I would say that if someone wants to crack your software protection, they will do so. Use dinkey profd to lock your software to a dongle so that each time you run your protected program, it will check for the presence of the dongle.

Network hardware dongle key is specially designed to protect clientserver based software application and increase profitability. I recently integrated dongle protection with our application and can say while it may take longer than the advertisements indicate, it isnt all that hard. At safekey international, inc, we have left no stone unturned to develop usb dongle emulator software and parallel port dongle emulator software which can cater to all hardware lock issues in no time. We do one thing and we do it really well software piracy protection. To replace a software protection dongle, please contact the manager from whom you acquired it. When connected to a computer or other electronics, they unlock software functionality or decode content. Free shipping cost dongle rockey4nd rockey4 usb software.

Additionally, the dongle can also control how the enduser actually uses the software, referred to as software licensing. How to crack programs, and defend against cracking lecture 8. Their protection suite is quite popular, however recent versions produced have one fatal flaw implementation of their dongle based copy protection can be halted based on a single 3 byte patch. You can run five copies of your licensed software on five computers at the same time using only one of your software dongle keys. Afterwards, the software only runs if the dongle is physically present on the computer or machine. Although the software may be duplicated, but it will only run when rockey4nd dongle is attached.

In addition to the protection of the software, users can also protect the documentation of their application with the same cryptobox. It is a professionalgrade application that eliminates the need for a usb dongle to be physically present in order to be used. A software protection dongle is a tiny hardware device connected to a computer io port to authenticate commercial software. This unique 5 port device allows concurrent sharing of a usb dongle key between five users. Malicious entities can deconstruct a software developer s products to alter data, duplicate and distribute illegal copies of unlicensed software.

You can compile your spreadsheets into exe applications with securely hidden formulas in binary format and protected vba code. Rockey hardware dongle keys for software protection. Donglify share usb dongles over a network connection. Software protection dongle software security dongle. Rainbow technologies sentinel is a common protection device that can have a significant role in expensive downtime. Mit dinkey profd schutzen sie software vor illegalen kopiervorgangen. Hardwarebased protection uses a physical device, commonly known as a dongle, usb hardware key or usb security key. Which protection methods you use shell, api or both. Software protection solution secutech solutions unikey. The mlmlu series does not require a masterkey to save the dongle data. Common attacks on software license protection dongle.

It is really cumbersome to have that dongle with you at all time. Say for example the software in question is done the right way. The hardware key is programmed with a product key or other cryptographic protection mechanism and functions via an electrical connector to an external bus of. What code to write for a dongle attached system to provide better security. With a strong technical team of hundred developers and support engineers. Dongle software free download dongle top 4 download offers free software downloads for windows, mac, ios and android computers and mobile devices. This video gives brief of software protection and licensing solution authguru from bastion infotech pvt. Learn more about software licensing and protection through keyloks usb dongles.

Eleckey is the complete solution for software copy protection, software licensing, and secure software distribution. Back in the old days, there was only one definition for dongle it was a software copy protection device that you plugged into a serial or parallel port, and the software wouldnt work without it connected. Software protection, license management marx cryptobox. A software protection dongle is an electronic copy protection and content protection device. A software protection dongle commonly known as a dongle or key is an electronic copy protection and content protection device. This message will appear when trying to open your vip software if the program cannot see the dongle data protection device. Rockey4nd is an advanced software protection system that attaches to the usb port of a computer.

Use makedongle to create a usb dongle that allows protected mac, windows or linux software to run. It allows certain number of users to access application simultaneously over a local area network. Kopierschutzstecker, auch dongle, dongel, hardlock oder hardwarekey genannt, dienen dazu, software vor unautorisierter vervielfaltigung zu schutzen. Try inserting the software protection dongle into a different usb port. A hardware key has a product key or other protection mechanism. A software protection dongle is a device that allows you to protect content from accessing and copying.

Customers of the mlmlu series can order additional an masterkey. By attaching it to a computer or another electronic appliance a user can unlock software functionality or decode content or access a hardware device. Use makedongle alone to program your mac or windows software using a programming command, then distribute it royaltyfree. Your software may be duplicated, but it will only run when your rockey4 dongle is attached to the computer. Wibusystems offers flexible solutions for software protection and licensing. To implement, keylok apis are integrated with your software. Use quicklicense on mac or windows to protect software and manage any application, trialware, spreadsheet, plugin, library or multimedia license.

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